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2022 Fantasy Super Bowl

Welcome to finals week. The last week of Fantasy in what felt like a quick season. The semi-final matchups ended with brutal losses for Probst and Jared. Both had chances to secure their spot in the finals but were ultimately let down by the weaknesses of each team. Heartbroken to see their chance at winning a cup end but both will matchup to take home the third place winnings.

Let's get right into the finals matchup preview.


Nathan vs Justin

For those who don't know, these two have a long standing friendship that has created a rivalry anytime they have to compete. For both , this is more than just bragging rights, it's life or death. The loser of this matchup will have to deal with daily ridicule from the other that will generate animosity, jealousy and hatred which have no bounds. This is singlehandedly the most important week of fantasy of all time for these two. But, before we get into the matchup breakdown, please take a moment to watch this 2009 cover of 'No Air' by the duet of Nathan and Justin, filmed in 240p. A high school project that somehow get them a passing grade.

Matchup Breakdown:

Nathan's team has been a powerhouse all season, carried by Jefferson, Burrow and CMC. He goes into this matchup with arguably the healthiest roster in the league and matchups that look fantastic.

Justin's team is reminiscent of the 2010 Packers. It was never a dominant team on paper. They had up and downs all season but got hot at the right time and found themselves fighting their way to a Super Bowl as a wild card team. Justin's team is supported by a strong QB/TE combo and will have to find the right combination of role players if he wants to find a win this week.

Key Positional Breakdown:

QB: Josh Allen vs Joe Burrow

These two QBs are playing each other on MNF and the Bengals need this win to jump the Bills in the AFC standings as the two seed. An important game for both fantasy and NFL playoff implications. Josh Allen always has a chance to go off but has been inconsistent as of late and has led the league in turnovers since the middle of the season. Burrow does not have the advantage of getting rushing yards or TD's but has been one of the best QBs all year long with pinpoint accuracy and amounting 34 passing TD's through 16 weeks.

RB: Walker vs CMC

Walker was touted as a league-winner since Penny went down earlier in the season. Although, since week 10 his production has slumped and has become reliant on TD's to get him over his projections. CMC on the other hand has ignited a SF offense, playing a crucial role in both the run and pass game - averaging close to 25pts per week in his last four games.

WR: Aiyuk/London vs Jefferson/Keenan

Obvious advantage going to Nathan here as Jefferson is looking to break 2000 yards before the end of the season and Keenan has caught 37 passes in his last four games. Aiyuk and London are spotty picks and will need find ways to score points in offenses that either feature multiple players in SF or have trouble moving the ball in ATL.

TE: Kelce vs Andrews

Justin has leaned on Kelce all year and this week will be no different. With most of the advantages leaning towards Nathan's team, Justin has the massive advantage at this position. Kelce faces a tough Denver defense but KC will be all in and they look to try and win out to secure the #1 seed in the AFC. Andrews has been spotty this season and has not scored in the double digits since week 12. More importantly, has not found pay dirt since week 6. Lamar Jackson may make his return this week which should help Andrews production as his favorite target.


I am now 0-4 in predicting the playoff matchup winners. No, it's not a curse - the rumors are not true. I will refrain from picking a winner this week just in case, I don't need excuses from anyone.

But if I had to pick a winner, it would be Nathan. His team is solid, top to bottom. Score prediction: Nathan 159.9 | Justin 118.2

A dominant blowout victory that was never close.


Who wins the Fantasy Super Bowl and takes home the cup?

  • Justin

  • Nathan

Good luck to both Nathan and Justin. Not sure anyone in the league wants to see either of you take home a championship cup but there is no other option anymore. In better news, the Chargers secured their playoff spot and we can coast through the next two weeks against the Rams and Broncos without needing a victory - regardless, I'm confident they win both. Bosa was just activated off IR was well, LFG.

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