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2023 Week Eight Recap

It's late. I need to get to bed. Commish is up burning the midnight oil, accomplishing goals and crushing deadlines. Sometimes I feel like I'm made for difficult times. Not sure if it runs in the blood or if I'm just built differently. Humbly, graduated high school with a 3.6, barely trying. Dropped out of college because I felt higher education wasn't for me, not because of grades or anything (sorry Dad). But here I am, seven years strong into running the best fantasy community in this universe. It's a weight I carry but wouldn't change for the world. Put it on my back and I'll move it. Another week down in fantasy and it's hard to believe this is already half over. Six weeks left of regular season fantasy and then it's a whole new ballgame. Your record no longer matters in the playoffs. In fact, 5 of the 6 champions were wildcard teams. Don't ask me how I know that because I don't have the time to look, but I feel confident it's accurate. Let's get right into this shit, shall we?


Overachiever - Team with the most points over their weekly projection

Nathan - 57.77pts over projection

"Overachiever" and Nathan are two things that have never been synonymous with each other. This guy was borderline a super-senior and ended up as a cop. Can you believe they just let anyone be an officer now? These piggies spend our tax dollars to sit in their expensive cruisers and will stop anyone with a dark tint to harass them. Congrats to Nathan on his $20, I'm sure he will put it towards a box of Dunkin' for the crew. In all seriousness, I respect the profession but he's still a bitch.

Records going into week eight with the extra wins added. Nick: 11-5

Justin: 11-5

Spencer: 10-6 Jared: 5-11 Jere: 3-13 Nathan: 15-1

Worzie: 10-6 Commish:7-9 Probst: 7-9 Ryan: 2-14


Justin, Dalton Kincaid - 17.50pts

I'm sure most of you heard from Justin regarding trades for a TE. He has been homie hoppin' to try and find that guy.. until Knox got hurt. Justin is all-in on the Bills. Not only is he a Josh Allen dick rider but he is stacking both Kincaid and Diggs to go with it. But, he's been winning. So as much as you want to hate on it, it's hard to argue with the results. A win is a win, even by 1.4pts over a pretender team. Getting the start, Kincaid is showing why he's worthy of taking over the starting role, finishing with 5-65-1 for 17.50pts, helping Justin find consistency at a position he has been struggling at.


Probst, Not starting Gus Edwards

The Raven's backfield is difficult to predict. Normally, whoever the RB is will be the RB2 behind Lamar Jackson, but Gus has taken a primary role. Gus was coming off a game where he scored 21.4pts, a nice game, but his best of the season. I understand the hesitation but the Packer homer went with Aaron Jones who has struggled since he came up limping with a hammy injury. This unfortunately cost Probst the week as playing Gus would have been the difference between a win and a loss. You hate to see it, but Probst is now 3-5, a loss he couldn't afford.


Spencer, Sam LaPorta Drop

Heartbreaking. Going into MNF, Spencer wasn't in a great position to win but he had a chance against Justin. With Jimmy G missing Davante on every throw, it gave Spencer life to come back and win. Down 1.4pts with 5 minutes left in the game, Spencer had one last opportunity to take over the lead with LaPorta... Then this happened.

An inexcusable dropped pass where he would have gotten the yardage needed to make up the difference and win the game for Spencer. Just sickening.


Stability in the standings.

1) LBJ = GOAT --: 8-0 Still undefeated.

2) Romo's Revenge --: Continues to hold a two-game lead in the North Division.

3) Me & Mahomies --: Truly not sure what to think of this team.

4) Aiyuken --: 4-4 and back to .500 after a much needed win.

5) Goodell 2.0 --: Team is starting to find its stride.

6) Bed, Bath & Bijan --: Two losses in a row. Pretender is still hanging around.

7) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out --: 3-5, now out of the playoff picture.

8) Mutant Njigba Turtles --: Barely has a pulse.

9) Hall of Shame--: Officially dead.

10) Mile High Magic --: Still dead.


Commish (5-3) vs Spencer (4-4)

Contender team vs Pretender team. This will be an interesting week as Spencer cannot afford to drop a third game in a row while Commish is comfortably two games from dropping out of the picture. I plan on burying this chump just like the Arizona Wildcats did to his Pretender Beavers. I can't believe I actually put money on that team to win. I'm ashamed of myself.

Commish finished a 4-1 record, bringing his overall total to 21-14.

Week Nine Predictions

Commish vs. Spencer: Commish Justin vs. Ryan: Justin Probst vs. Nathan: Nathan Jere vs. Nick: Jere Jared vs Worzie: Jared


Gotta Catch ‘Em All - Team with the starting WR with the most receptions

Good luck to everyone this week. Except you Spencer. It's going down this week and Herbert is about to light up the Jets on MNF. Bolt up.

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