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2023 Week Eleven Recap

Three weeks left and I'm officially late on the recap. The playoff spots are getting scrappy as we have a handful of teams fighting for a couple of wildcard spots. Anything can happen these last three weeks. Shoutout to Nathan as he's the only team that has officially clinched a playoff spot. Alright, I gotta start cooking on this Thanksgiving morning so let's get right into it.


Touchdown Jerry Rice! - The team with the most offensive touchdowns scored

Ryan, Total 8 TDs

Ryan has shown some life over the past few weeks, finding a couple of wins and somehow has an outside shot at making the playoffs when we all thought he was dead a couple of weeks ago. Six of his eight offensive players scored a TD this week, helping him catch a big win over Nathan's team who is struggling with injuries at the moment.

Records going into week ten with the extra wins added. Spencer: 13-7

Nick: 11-9

Justin: 11-9 Jared: 9-11 Jere: 5-15 Nathan: 17-3

Worzie: 12-8 Commish:11-9 Probst: 7-13 Ryan: 5-15


Probst, Gus Edwards - 21.00pts

Finally! It only took four weeks but Probst finally had the courage to start Gus. Gus the bus has been on a heater recently, scoring 9 touchdowns in the past 5 games and leaping himself to the RB11 overall. This is exactly the type of player you need to ride as Probst is fighting for a final playoff spot.


Justin, De'Von Achane - 1.50pts

I know, I know. He got hurt and should be excused from being a blunder. But, I think it takes some balls as well as some unconventional thinking to start a running back that just came off IR when the lead back, Mostert, has been playing well in his absence. While Derrick Henry had a pretty piss poor game, he would have been the difference between winning and losing this week. Can we fault Justin? Not 100%, but hard to not start your first-round pick when trying to stay in the playoff hunt.


Minor changes... But I have a feeling next week it will be shaken up big time.

1) LBJ = GOAT --: Another loss and he will inevitably slip.

2) Me & Mahomies ▲1: Still finding ways to win and a chance at the South title.

3) Goodell 2.0 ▼1: Slips after three straight wins.

4) Romo's Revenge --: Holding North division by one game at the moment.

5) Bed, Bath & Bijan --: Pretender team showing he can compete all of a sudden.

6) Aiyuken --: Three straight losses has put the playoffs in jeopardy.

7) Mutant Njigba Turtles --: Frisky team made his way back into the playoff hunt.

8) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out --: Big win to stay at -7 and alive.

9) Hall of Shame --: Needs to win or else he's eliminated.

10) Mile High Magic --: Dead for weeks, but somehow has a chance with some help.


Spencer (6-5) vs Prosbt (4-7)

Two teams who are in the playoff hunt. Spencer can clinch with a win this week, meanwhile, Probst is fighting for his life with three teams sitting at 4-7. With three teams at 4-7, a win would keep in a significantly better position as he plays another 4-7 team in week 13.

Commish went 0-5 this week, fucking yikes. Bringing his overall total to 28-22.

Week Twelve Predictions

Commish vs. Nick: Commish Spencer vs. Probst: Spencer Jere vs. Ryan: Jere Justin vs. Worzie: Justin Jared vs. Nathan: Jared


North vs South Rivalry Week - Team that scores the highest points in their division AND wins their weekly matchup. Pays $20 to both the North and South team

Rivalry week is here! As a reminder, games start Thursday morning, so get your lineups set early. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Nick, I'm about to make your North division title odds uncomfortable. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well.

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