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2023 Week Nine Recap

This section is typically the last piece I write to finish off the recap. Oddly enough, you're going to find a few similarities from last week's recap.

Let's get right into this shit, shall we?


Gotta Catch ‘Em All - Team with the starting WR with the most receptions

Ryan, CeeDee Lamb - 11 Receptions

CeeDee is showing out these past three games, averaging 10 receptions and over 150yds since the Cowboys' meltdown against San Fran. He took advantage of a weak Eagles defense and put up enough in SNF to not only take the $20 payout, but also put a nail in the coffin in a matchup against Justin.

Records going into week ten with the extra wins added. Nick: 11-7

Justin: 11-7

Spencer: 11-7 Jared: 7-11 Jere: 4-14 Nathan: 17-1

Worzie: 10-8 Commish:9-9 Probst: 7-11 Ryan: 4-14


Ryan, Cade Otton - 23.00pts

Justin called his shot here. After seeing Ryan pick Cade Otton up, he mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised to see Cade put up a two-TD performance against him. Sure enough, he did. In a shootout between Houston and Tampa Bay, Cade had his best performance of the season, scoring more points this week than he did the last three weeks combined. Ryan has never been known for his ability to utilize the waiver wire, if he even does, but his additions made the difference this week.

Honorable Mention

Jere, Taysom Hill - 22.87pts

The Swiss-army knife. Taysom is always an interesting fantasy play because you'll see him lined up at QB, RB, WR and TE in a single game. Coming off a stretch of three weeks where he scored double-digit points, Papa Henderson deployed the versatile weapon, helping him play spoiler against Nick who had his worst performance of the year.


Probst, Not starting Gus Edwards... Again

Bold words are the only words I changed from last week's Blunder of the Week. The Raven's backfield is difficult to predict. Normally, whoever the RB is will be the RB2 behind Lamar Jackson, but Gus has taken a primary role. Gus was coming off a game where he scored 29.4pts, a nice game, his best of the season. I understand the hesitation but the Packer homer went with Christian Watson who has struggled since he came up limping with a hammy injury. This unfortunately cost Probst the week as playing Gus would have been the difference between a win and a loss. You hate to see it, but Probst is now 3-6, a loss he couldn't afford.


Los Angeles Chargers Def & Ekeler

Bold words are the only words I changed from last week's Game-Changing Play of the Week

Heartbreaking. Going into MNF, Spencer wasn't in a great position to win but he had a chance against Commish. With Herbert missing Ekeler on every throw, it gave Spencer life to come back and win. Down 1.4pts with 4 minutes left in the game, Spencer had one last opportunity to take over the lead with Charger's Def... Then this happened.

A turnover by the Jets where the defender steps out at the two-yard line, bringing Spencer ahead of Commish, only for Ekeler to run the ball in and Commish to take the lead right back.


Associating Fantasy Teams with NFL Teams.

1) LBJ = GOAT --: Eagles, best team in NFL.

2) Goodell 2.0 ▲3: Jaguars, A- roster flying under the radar.

3) Romo's Revenge ▼1: Cowboys, not sure what to expect week to week.

4) Me & Mahomies ▼1: Lions, competitive but not championship caliber.

5) Aiyuken ▼1: Chargers, overhyped and underachieve.

6) Bed, Bath & Bijan --: Bills, we knew they were pretenders.

7) Mutant Njigba Turtles ▲1: Texans, frisky all of a sudden?

8) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out ▼1: Packers, I mean... He has like 5 Packers rostered.

9) Hall of Shame --: Patriots, maybe the coach needs to hang it up.

10) Mile High Magic --: Panthers, just bad.


Jared (3-6) vs Nick (6-3)

Jared is looking for his third straight win to bring him within reach of a playoff spot down this final stretch of games. Nick is still holding a two-game lead in the North with Spencer and Justin taking losses this week. This game could shift the Wild Card standings around and bring some previously dead teams back into the mix.

Commish finished another 4-1 record, bringing his overall total to 25-15.

Week Ten Predictions

Commish vs. Ryan: Commish Justin vs. Jere: Jere Jared vs. Nick: Jared Spencer vs. Probst: Probst Nathan vs Worzie: Nathan


Pursuit Drill - Team that has the defense with the most combined interceptions, fumbles and sacks

Good luck to everyone this week. Except you Ryan, I'm hoping last week was a fluke and you go back to scoring under 100pts this week. Bolt up, bitches.

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