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2023 Week Seven Recap

Alright, the Commish is on his bye week, so you get Michael this week. The truth is, the recaps may suffer for the rest of the year. With a potential job opportunity that will require more hours of work each week, planning a wedding and just life stuff, I'm gassed. I take these seriously, not the content that is inside (obviously), but that I enjoy dedicating time to these on a weekly basis to keep this league engaged. It is work though. Unfortunately, these do take quite a bit of time for design and creating the content. Moving forward I may be limited on my time, meaning this is near the bottom of my priority list. You can still expect these to come out each week but the content may be lightened. Alright, let's get into it. We do have some extra content this week.


Blackjack - Team with a starter closest to 21 points without going over

Probst, Trevor Lawrence - 20.56pts

Sunshine takes home the $20 for Probst. Trevor was actually at 21.06, but three kneel-downs for -.5 points stopped him from busting. Ironically, there was one player who landed on 21 exactly. It happened to be Jonathan Taylor who I benched last minute for Ford. I mean, paying myself $21 bonus winnings of my own money sounds cool, but I would of loved to win a weekly payout finally.

Records going into week eight with the extra wins added. Nick: 11-3

Spencer: 10-4

Justin: 9-5 Jared: 3-11 Jere: 3-11 Nathan: 13-1

Worzie: 9-5 Probst: 7-7

Commish:5-9 Ryan: 1-13


Nathan's Entire Team

Truth is, we all are rooting for Nathan to lose and we thought this was the week. Unfortunately, he put together a roster that performed as the second-highest-scoring team of the week. With Burrow, Dak, Garrett Wilson, Gallup, Boyd on a bye, plus injuries to Conner and JJetta, he dug deep to field a team. With help from his top players and guys like Josh Downs, Kareem Hunt, and Marqise Brown, Nathan had a great week to stay undefeated.


Commish, Green Bay Defense

This is what happens when you overthink decisions. Early Sunday morning I decided Ravens defense wasn't the play and to snag Green Bay defense against a Raiders team that has struggled on offense. Grave mistake. Ravens dominated the Lions, with their defense generating 18pts while Green Bay only scored 4.75pts, being the deciding factor between winning and losing. Devastating to a team fighting for a playoff spot.


Spencer, Jordan Addison

Jere was comfortably sitting in the driver's seat, only for Monday night misery to catch up with him. Spencer had a 29pt deficit going into MNF with Addison as his final player, and the rookie showed up. With JJetta out, Addison stepped up with 7 receptions for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. The play below should have been another turnover, instead turns into a game-breaking play.


7 weeks left.

1) LBJ = GOAT --: 7-0 Still undefeated.

2) Romo's Revenge --: Continues to hold a two-game lead in the North Division.

3) Me & Mahomies ▲1: Jumps up a spot after beating commish who really beat himself.

4) Aiyuken ▲1: Hasn't scored under 126pts since week one.

5) Goodell 2.0 ▼2: This loss is on the coaching staff. Hot seat.

6) Bed, Bath & Bijan --: Telling you, this team is a pretender.

7) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out --: Big win to stay in the playoff race at 3-4.

8) Mutant Njigba Turtles ▲1: I think they're dead?

9) Hall of Shame▼1: Most likely dead.

10) Mile High Magic --: Actually dead.


Tumultuous meetings were had. Every committee member fighting for their guy with the utmost passion. These guys don't leave the room until everyone can come to a consensus. But, they always come through and they did once again. Congratulations to this year's recipients! You are all of the utmost deserving.


Worzie, Amon-Ra St. Brown

Truly, the keepers have been mediocre at best this year. Due to injuries and bad decisions, there wasn't many great options. But, the sun-god has come through for Worzie. Amon-Ra has been arguably the most consistent WR this year. His lowest scoring week is 14.20 with a high of 30.40. This Detroit defense is playing really well. Goff is throwing the ball at an increased rate and nearly 10 of those throws each week are toward Amon-Ra. Pacing at 168 targets for the year, Amon-Ra will quietly be a top 5 WR by the end of the year.


Nick, Dameon Pierce

As the earliest keeper taken this year at 3.07, Pierce has been underwhelming to say the least. Houston has been a pleasant surprise sitting at 3-3 thanks to rookie CJ Stroud playing well. Unfortunately, while the offense has been 12th best this year, the running game has been stagnant. Pierce is averaging 2.9 yards per carry and has only found the endzone twice this year. Sitting as RB31 averaging 8.5 points through seven weeks, this is not what you envision from your 3rd round keeper.


Worzie, Rashee Rice

Rashee was one of my favorite WRs coming out of the draft. He was considered one of the most pro-ready WRs coming into the NFL and we're starting to see why. It helps he's on a team with Mahomes but it won't take much to stand out in a weak WR room. Kelce is 34 now and dealing with injuries for the first time in his career. Rashee will end up as a primary target on this team for the next few years and as a 14th-round pick, this could end as a great player for 2024.

Honorable Mention

Justin, De'Von Achane

Achane was working towards one of the most efficient RB seasons for a handful of week before his injury. Every other play was something special with his 4.3 speed, finding gaps and edges that turned into long touchdowns. Miami has a potential out with Raheem Mostert next year, making way for Achane to take the lead role. The questions will be, do they resort to a committee backfield in Miami and can he stay healthy? Either way, Achane as a 9th-round keeper may hold value for depth at the RB position.


Spencer, Puka Nacua

Out of left field, Puka has made his impact felt as a 5th-round draft pick. With Kupp out the first four weeks, Puka immediately took over that primary role and ran with it. Currently the WR4 on the season, Puka has remained consistent even with Kupp back in action averaging 10 targets a game. Puka has helped Spencer's team remain competitive during an up and down season.

Honorable Mention

Jere, Adam Thielen

Thielen has been the diamond in a pile of dogshit. Carolina is the worst team in the league and Bryce Young looks terrible but if there is one thing he does well, it's being able to find Thielen often. He currently sits as the WR7 while already having his bye week, averaging 25pts per game since week 2.


Jared, Adam Thielen

Jared who is already struggling, didn't help himself by dropping Thielen after week one. As we just mentioned, Thielen has been tearing it up but that first week he only saw 2 targets and it didn't take long for Jared to dump him. It's hard to blame him considering he has a decent WR squad but it ends up as a pretty bad fuck up.


Probst, Tyreek Hill

Tyreek has been unstoppable. On pace for 2190 yards, which would be the first time a WR has ever broken the 2k mark. He's without a doubt the most dangerous WR in the NFL and has looked unstoppable through seven games. The offense Mike McDaniels has put together is surrounded by 4.3 guys and one of them will always be open, add Tua who runs the offense flawlessly, it's a combo that has Miami looking like it could be the newest 'greatest show on turf'.


Ryan, Najee Harris

Najee is a bum. We knew this already, but my goodness he looks like he runs in quicksand. If you have watched a Steelers game this year, it becomes quickly obvious that Jaylen Warren has much more juice. This reminds me of last year with Zeke/Pollard, but Najee has just aged faster. Unfortunately, this is one of the many reasons why Ryan's team is terrible. A second-round pick that is currently going to waste, only averaging 8.6pts a game.

Honorable Mention Commish, Calvin Ridley

What happened here? Talk about a roller coaster. Ridley showed out in week one but since then he's only averaging 9pts per week. Touted as the clear WR1 in that offense, he's now taken a backseat to Christian Kirk who looks much better. I should have known that Trev Law loves throwing to the slot, it's pretty much all he did in college and he was one of the best at it. Naturally, he's going to gravitate towards that in the NFL. Ridley is becoming borderline benchable at this point.


Spencer, 4-3

Here come the scoffs. People are expecting the Commish to win this illustrious award but, I've checked the votes, twice, and this is what the committee decided. Not me, them. The notes state that he has a harder strength of schedule and has been a consistent pretender team for weeks now. Only time will tell if this comes true.


Justin, 3-4

One of the more consistent teams through the first half yet still finds himself under .500. Back-to-back winner of this award and last year he won a championship. Maybe this is a comfortable position for him but anything can happen during the second half of the season. With 3 teams essentially eliminated, there is a good chance he finds himself in a wildcard matchup.



Let's talk about how Ryan's team ended up in the position it's in. It started with a tough draft. Najee, Quentin Johnson, Tank Bigsby, Elijah Mitchell, Lazard and Mims. Not one of these guys are reliable week to week. Additionally, Ekeler got hurt who he traded for SQB who was hurt. Lastly, we all know Ryan isn't the most active on waivers. We are now in a spot where he's averaging 95pts through seven week and is officially dead.



For the second season in a row, Nathan captures this. Is this his year? Doubt it, but his teams is producing right now. Something tells me his team is peaking early. No one wants to actually start 7-0 because it means you're due for losses. Either way, Nathan was able to navigate through his toughest bye week with a win and will hopefully get JJetta and Conner back later this year. He will be a tough out, but anythinh can happen in the playoffs.


Justin (3-4) vs Spencer (4-3)

A matchup that will muddy the playoff picture either way. If Justin slips to 3-5, there will be a team at 2-6 that is looking for an opening to make a run. If Justin wins, we may be looking at four 4-4 teams that are fighting for three spots.

Commish finished a 2-3 record, bringing his overall total to 17-13.

Week Seven Predictions

Commish vs. Nick: Commish Nathan vs. Ryan: Nathan Probst vs. Worzie: Probst Spencer vs. Justin: Justin Jared vs. Jere: Jared


Over Achiever - Team with the most points over their weekly projection

The second half of the season starts now. Bolt up.

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