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2023 Week Six Recap

Finally, we get a wild week in fantasy. Very close matchups in three of the five games, all coming down to SNF and MNF. Justin went into MNF down a single point and came out winning by two points due to a single catch from Jake Ferguson. Going into the final Buffalo drive, the Bills rolled out Latavius Murray over James Cook when Worzie only needed 5 more yards from Cook to win the game. Lastly, a wild drive finish in MNF between Nick and Probst which you'll read more about below. Absolutely devastating finish that hurt me more than Probst.

We head into a massive week with the Panthers, Bengals, Cowboys, Texans, Jets and Titans all on bye weeks. The waiver wire will be busy.

I'm in a terrible mood today so here we go.


MVP - Team with the single highest-scoring starter

Nick, Raheem Mostert - 34.20pts

Shouldn't surprise anyone that a Miami Dolphin won this payout. In three of the six weeks, a Dolphin has led individual scoring for the week. Two of my 'Best Value' players from the post-draft recap were Mostert and Tua, currently the RB2 and QB3 and that has already proven to come true. With Achane out, Mostert continues to thrive in the most electric offense the NFL has seen in decades. 12 touchdowns on the season leads all players and puts him on pace to finish with 34 touchdowns which would break the NFL record currently held by LaDainian Tomlinson with 31 in 2006. As a team, Miami has 15 rushing touchdowns on the season, surpassing their 2022 total of 12. With 30 total touchdowns on the season, they've already outscored the 2022 total for the Colts, Steelers, Jets, Broncos and Texans.

Records going into week seven with the extra wins added. Nick: 9-3

Justin: 9-3

Spencer: 8-4 Jared: 3-9 Jere: 2-10 Nathan: 11-1

Worzie: 8-4 Commish:5-7 Probst: 5-7 Ryan: 1-11


Nathan, Josh Downs - 13.50pts

The third-year rookie out of UNC has quietly become the number two WR in Indianapolis with Gardner Minshew taking over the starting role for the foreseeable future. Downs caught his first TD of his young career this week and in a timely manner as it helped propel Nathans's team to a .47pt victory over Worzie. All his other bench options would have come up short this week. Something to keep an eye on, Nathan finds himself in a tough spot in week seven with injuries to CMC and Diontae Johnson as well as 6 players on bye weeks.


Ryan's Entire Team

That about sums it up. Time to start using that FAAB and actually making your roster decent. I did get an apology from said terrible manager who did commit to being more competitive. Let's see if he can play spoiler in the second half of the season.


Nick, Dallas Def

Fuck me, this is going to be hard to write. It's Tuesday morning as I write this, fresh off a Chargers loss and still in an immense amount of pain. But, I must set aside my personal feelings, put on my Commish hat, and do what is best for the league. That's just who I am, honorable, admirable and laudable. This is the closure I never wanted, but needed.

Going into MNF, Probst was down a little over 11pts with Tony Pollard while Nick had Dallas Defense. Pollard ended up breaking a long catch-and-run, followed by a couple dump offs that brought Probst even with Nick. Middle of the fourth quarter, the Chargers scored which took away points from Nick's defense, giving Probst a 2.5 point lead late into the fourth. With two minutes left, the Cowboys kicked a FG to go up by three, leaving the Chargers with a chance to come back and win the game. The following ensued.

A sack on second down and an interception on third down. A total of 3 points for Nick's defense and a win for his Cowboys and fantasy team. Very tough losses for Probst and me who were watching the game together. We battled through the stages of grief trying to comprehend what just happened. I know people enjoy watching me suffer about football, I bring it on myself. The show goes on, heartbroken with my head held high. Bolt up.


Almost halfway home.

1) LBJ = GOAT --: 6-0 but brittle team. Not sure he can make a viable roster this week.

2) Romo's Revenge ▲1: Two-game lead in the North Division.

3) Goodell 2.0 ▲1: Finding new ways to win each week. Deep, healthy team.

4) Me & Mahomies ▼2: Two losses in a row slips this team down the rankings.

5) Aiyuken --: Back to .500 after starting 0-3.

6) Bed, Bath & Bijan --: Had a bye week. Still might be a pretender.

7) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out --: Four straight losses put this team out of the playoff picture, for now.

8) Hall of Shame ▲1: Slips to 1-5 after brutal loss.

9) Mutant Njigba Turtles ▼1: A perianal playoff team has found a dead end.

10) Mile High Magic --: First team to avg under 100pts per game through 6 weeks.


Justin (3-3) vs Nick (5-1)

A brotherly matchup. Big brother Nick vs small brother Justin, known for their siamese twin antics. A matchup that will have consequences in the North Division as Nick currently holds a two-game lead over both Justin and Spencer. A win will either further his lead, pushing Justin down the ranks or bring Justin within a game, holding the tiebreaker advantage should that come into play later.

Commish finished a 2-3 record, bringing his overall total to 15-10.

Week Seven Predictions

Commish vs. Worzie: Commish Probst vs. Ryan: Probst Jared vs. Nathan: Jared Spencer vs. Jere: Jere Justin vs. Nick: Nick


Blackjack - Team with a starter closest to 21 points without going over

My favorite payout of the year. Every player starting player and defense is eligible for this and 5 of the last 6 years someone has landed in the 20s. I'll raise the stakes this year. Should a starter land on 21 exactly, I'll pay out an additional $21 to that person, making the payout $41 for the week.

Good luck to everyone in week seven. Except you Worzie, I'm working my way to the top and won't let you get in the way. Lastly, a reminder that this is the last week to make the case for mid-season awards. They come out after week seven.

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