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2023 Week Ten Recap

I'm sick. Coughing up all the shit right now. Yet here I am, always coming through. Let's hurry up and get through this so I can take my tenth dose of meds today. Nathan finally lost, we no longer have to worry about Nathan going undefeated this season, something he would forever hold above us. Also, we have some playoff drama. Teams who were on their last leg have found enough life to fight back with a chance to capture a top 6 spot.

Right into it.


Pursuit Drill - Team that has the defense with the most combined interceptions, fumbles and sacks

Worzie, SF Defense - 9 Total

San Fran embarrasses another team, dominating the Jags who were thought to be contenders this year. Shoutout to Worzie who wins this $20 as the Niners helped him capture a win over Nathan. Bigger shoutout to Worzie as he had a hole-in-one, Albatross, today on the par 4 16th hole at Monterey Peninsula Country Club in shitty weather. Well done, kiwi.

Records going into week ten with the extra wins added. Spencer: 13-7

Nick: 11-9

Justin: 11-9 Jared: 9-11 Jere: 5-15 Nathan: 17-3

Worzie: 12-8 Commish:11-9 Probst: 7-13 Ryan: 5-15


Jere, Jared Goff - 25.87pts

This was a no-brainer start for Jere this week. Any QB playing against the Chargers' defense gets an automatic green light. Goff helped carry him to a much-needed win to help give him a sliver of a chance at a playoff spot. Goff has continuously been one of the most underrated QBs in the league with the least amount of interceptions thrown in the last 30 games played.


Ryan, Jahan Dotson - 0.00

Jahan did his old team a big favor by putting up a nice goose egg after his two best weeks of the season. Worst part is, he benched Cooper who put up a nice number that would have won him the week. Really, anything more would have won as his lost by less than half of a point.


1) LBJ = GOAT --: Still holds top spot... barely.

2) Goodell 2.0 --: Hottest team in the league.

3) Me & Mahomies ▲1: Still competitive, but averaging 118pts since week 6.

4) Romo's Revenge ▼1: Three-game losing streak... slipping.

5) Bed, Bath & Bijan --: Pretender team hanging on for dear life.

6) Aiyuken --: Back-to-back losses put this team at risk of missing playoffs.

7) Mutant Njigba Turtles --: Still frisky, now fighting for a playoff spot.

8) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out --: Fighting for his life to stay in the hunt.

9) Hall of Shame --: Roller coaster season, will it crash this week?

10) Mile High Magic --: Still dead.


Jere (3-7) vs Prosbt (3-7)

We have two matchups between brothers this week, the Forell's and the Ciano's face each other. However, I have selected this particular matchup for two reasons. One, they're both bad and haven't been focused on much this season. Two, the winner will keep a slim playoff hope alive, while the other will be officially dead.

Commish finished another 3-2 record, bringing his overall total to 28-17.

Week Eleven Predictions

Commish vs. Worzie: Commish Justin vs. Nick: Justin Jared vs. Spencer: Jared Jere vs. Probst: Jere Nathan vs Ryan: Nathan


Touchdown Jerry Rice! - The team with the most offensive touchdowns scored

Good luck to everyone this week. Except you Worz, I still have a shot at the top South spot and I'm coming through you to get it. Bolt up.

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