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2023 Week Thirteen Recap

The final week is here. The fantasy season is never long enough, and this week will be the last official week for four of you. The top 6 will fight for the cup and forever be etched in fantasy football history. Nothing changed from last week as there still remains one spot to be clinched. Let's take a look at who has a chance to secure the last postseason spot.


  1. Win + Probst loss.

  2. Win + stay within 80.29pts of Probst's week 14 score, if Probst wins.


  1. Win + Probst loss.

  2. Win + Outscore Probst by 58.58pts.


  1. Win + Justin loss + stay within 58.57pts of Jared's week 14 score.

  2. Win + Jared loss + outscore Justin by 80.30pts.

  3. Win + Justin and Jared tie.

Jere and Ryan are eliminated. Thank you for your donations.

Alright, let's get into it.


Right on the Money - Team closest to their projected point total (over OR under)

Tie: Jared & Jere - .95pts

Wild. The matchup of the week, a do or die game, and they both end exactly .95pts under their projected score. It's been a long time since we had a tie in a weekly payout, but as I state every year, Jere and Jared get to decide the tiebreaker, or to split the $20. Personally, chopping $20 is like kissing your sister, you just dont do it, but the decision is now in their court.

Records going into week fourteen with the extra wins added. Spencer: 18-8

Nick: 15-11

Justin: 15-11 Jared: 11-15 Jere: 7-19 Nathan: 18-8

Worzie: 15-11 Commish:14-12 Probst: 12-14 Ryan: 7-19


Commish, Ezekiel Elliott - 13.pts

The RB room is grim after losing JayTay to an injury. With his entire bench on a bye week, Commish resorted to Zeke in a tight spot. Rhamondre getting injured allowed Zeke to eat, finishing with 13.20pts was just enough to help scrape by the league leader. Not the sexiest SoTW candidate, but the most valuable.


Nathan, Jaguars Defense - 4.75pts

Anytime you have an opportunity to play a defense against a backup QB, its enticing. But Jake Browning was no typical backup on MNF. He balled out, lighting up the Jags defense for 34pts. The Jags may just be a pretender team as their defense continues to allow heavy points to good offensive teams.


New top dawg.

1) Goodell 2.0 ▲1: New top G after beating the league leader.

2) LBJ = GOAT ▼1: Averaging 108pts over the last 5 weeks.

3) Bed, Bath & Bijan ▲1: Getting hot at the right time?

4) Me & Mahomies ▼1: New pretender team?

5) Romo's Revenge --: Roller coaster season continues.

6) Aiyuken --: Has a win-and-in playoff scenario.

7) Mutant Njigba Turtles --: Must win but also needs some help.

8) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out --: Another must win but needs Justin to lose.

9) Hall of Shame --: Officially dead.

10) Mile High Magic --: Dead, dead.


Jared (5-8) vs Justin (5-8)

The final fight to get into the playoffs starts now. Justin just needs to win and he's essentially locked himself into a playoff spot. Jared will need a little extra help but can play spoiler, regardless. If Jared does find himself with the final playoff spot, he will be the first 0-4 team to make it.

Commish went 3-2 this week, bringing his overall total to 35-25.

Week Fourteen Predictions

Commish vs. Probst: Commish

Jared vs. Justin: Justin Worzie vs. Ryan: Worzie Jere vs. Nick: Nick Spencer vs. Nathan: Nathan


Photo Finish - Team that beats its opponent by the smallest margin of victory

All about winning. Final week of fantasy for four of you. Good luck this week, except you Probst. As your former best man, I feel bad I have to put you down like this.

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