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2022 Pre-Draft Preview

Welcome to Season Six.

Like a hit TV series, the show goes on and people just continue to watch - it's an instant classic. I can't help it that the ratings are through the roof but that's just a fact. I have streaming networks fighting hand over fist trying to get me on their platform. It may have been the newly launched website in 2021 that sees millions of daily page visits. Maybe it was the GIF power rankings everyone enjoys seeing. Either way, I have people who deal with all that.

Our annual owner's meeting went well, once again. I, the Commissioner, received a lifetime contract extension. The first-ever, might I add. No other commish in professional sports can say that. Additionally, no rule changes were necessary because we have set the standard.

While we are just one week away from the 2022 draft, I have some important news to share. We have signed an exclusive deal with Sports Illustrated. They have assigned their best artists and journalists to cover our league and produce weekly editions throughout the season. Check out our pre-draft cover below. See y'all in a week. Commish out.

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