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2022 Wildcard Weekend

Well, that's all she wrote, at least for the four losers who didn't make it to the playoffs. Never fun when the fantasy season comes to an end but sometimes it just be like that. For the six who made it, well done. Fuck you, but well done.

Five teams finished at 7-7, three of them making it in due to the "points for" tiebreaker. Ryan missed out by 10pts which allowed Probst to snag the 6th seed. Tee Higgins gave Ryan a 0.00 as he left the game after one snap. That was most likely the difference as playing Fournette, JuJu or Van Jefferson would have locked him into a playoff spot. Brutal as he would have been one of the few 0-3 teams to go on to make a playoff run.

I have my favorite for who I want to win the cup this year. For the other five teams, you know who you are, I am absolutely not rooting for you and hope your team shits the bed. Anyways, it's currently 2:02pm on Thursday afternoon and I'm behind on two reports I need to finish and still find time to hit the range to prep for a golf tournament tomorrow but priorities do come first. Let's get right into it.


Jared, .30pts

Fitting. Naturally, Jared finished off the regular season with another weekly payout. I believe this is number six on the season? Either way, Jared goes into the playoffs already winning his original $100 buy in back and a bye week.


Justin vs Spencer

Probably the two weakest teams in the field if you just look at their lineups. These teams are like the Giants and Seahawks this year, where they somehow made a solid run but no one takes their team seriously. The good news is, one of you has to advance. The bad news is, Jared's team is waiting and looks to be a juggernaut in week 16.

This matchup will feature two premier QBs in Josh Allen and Hurts. Hurts has the obvious advantage as he's been playing to an MVP level and gets the rushing TDs on a weekly basis. Josh Allen has looked like his 2018 version where you just don't know who you're getting week to week. Also doesn't fair well that the weather looks to be freezing with some snow showers during the Bills/Fins game.

It's apparent these teams did not lean on their WR cores to get this far because both are suspect. Tonight's game will prove to be important as Justin has Lockett against Spencer's Metcalf. Justin has relied on Kelce to get this far and this week will be no different. If he wants to advance he will need Kelce to get back scoring points as he is coming off two subpar weeks but has a juicy matchup against Houston. Only downside is that Kelce may be pulled at halftime when KC is up 42-0.

Advantage in this matchup is pointing towards Spencer. Mainly because of Allen and Kelce having slowed down from their usual domination. Over the past 3 weeks, Justin is averaging roughly 108pts per game while Spencer is averaging close to 130pts per game.

Probst vs Worzie

Probst snuck into the playoffs while Worzie's team has quietly been solid all year. Without looking at their lineups, I already give the advantage to Worz, but let's take a closer look at both teams. Remember "trade-gate" last year that occurred between these two with the whole Deebo Samuel & tanking accusations? I find it fitting that Deebo is on IR for this game. Massive hit to Probst with his star WR (RB?) not being available. Yeah, Probst is fucked here, just saw Lamar is out for this week as well and now he's banking on old man Brady to have a vintage game against a stingy Bengals defense. He'll be praying for a shootout but the Bucs haven't been able to move the ball well. Meanwhile, Worzie has King Henry against the worst rushing defense in the league. I'm personally terrified of him single-handedly ending the Chargers' hope for a playoff run but the Titans have been shit as of recent.

This is shaping up to be a blood bath but I won't count out Probst yet. Davante can go for 40, Watson has been on a tear, Pollard too. You just never know. The winner goes on to face Nathan, who I pray doesn't win it all because he's already the most annoying individual when he wins something. You should all pray he doesn't win, too.


I went 4-1 in the final week of regular season, bringing my season total to 40-25. 18-2 over the last four weeks. Let's keep this going into the playoffs because I'm spicy hot right now.

Justin vs Spencer: Spencer Probst vs Worzie: Worzie


Wildcard Matchup, who wins?

  • Justin

  • Spencer

Wildcard matchup, who wins?

  • Probst

  • Worzie

Good luck to everyone this week, except all of you who are in the playoffs. I'm not bitter by any means, you are all deserving of such accomplishments. But, if there was a way to stop the count and cancel the season, I would. Bolt up.

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