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2022 Week Eight Recap

Second half of the regular season is underway and I'll be honest that last week's elongated recap took some wind out of my sails. Short and sweet this week. Need the keep energy in the tank for the rest of the season. All I know is that my team is 1-7, just can't catch a break. It could be raining pussy and I'd still get hit in the face by a dick.

Anyways, let's get right into it.


Jared, North | Ryan, South

Jared goes back-to-back on weekly payouts with a solid win to represent the North. Ryan catches his first weekly payout and has found himself in a prime spot to make the playoffs after an 0-3 start. Shoutout to Ryan for also making his first waiver transaction of the year. If you took the six years we have played fantasy and add up all the transactions Ryan has made, I have to imagine his combined are half of what Jere has done just in this year alone. Not sure is that is something to celebrate or not.


Spencer, Tyler Allgeier - 17.50pts

Hand up, let me be the first to admit that I didn't see this coming. It takes a man to admit when he's wrong. Shoutout to me, hand in the air. Allgeier was on my post-draft recap as a least-valuable draft pick and with all due respect, that was a fair analysis. But, through injuries Allgeier has worked his way into formidable carries while Patterson was on IR, and has looked solid in doing so. Spencer put him into action this week and was rewarded with a season-high outing from Allgeier, playing a role into beating up Probst's team and getting a much-needed win.


Commish, Derek Carr - 1.96pts

Fuck the Raiders. What a shit ass team. If it wasn't for breaking the bank, I would feel bad for Davante Adams that he went from Rodgers to Carr. This lame excuse for a quarterback has to be the biggest fraud in all of sports. He couldn't even drag the fucking team across the 50-yard line against the fucking Saints, something his backup did just five-minutes after he was pulled. There isn't many things that are guaranteed in life but here are a few. Death, taxes and a fucking Raiders player absolutely shitting the bed when you need the least out of the asshole. Never again. Hold my feet to the fire, hand on my chest. I will never roster another Raiders player in my life. Fuck Derek Carr. Fuck Josh McDaniels. Fuck the Raiders. Hope they get relocated to hell. Bitches.


Sunday Night Scaries - Green Bay vs Bills

This game caused some back and forth with Justin having Josh Allen and Worzie having Tonyan, Jones and Buffalo DEF. Justin went into the game with a solid lead due to Walker and Lockett scoring fourth-quarter touchdowns. Going into halftime of SNF, Allen threw for two touchdowns helping keep the lead over Worzie. Then the second half started. In a span of 5 minutes in the third quarter Allen threw an interception, next play Rodgers interception, then Allen again followed by multiple touches for both Tonyan and Jones which brought Worzie right back in the game. On a game-sealing play for Buffalo, 3rd & 7, Josh Allen rolls out right and has a wide open Kumerow but sails the pass high, giving Packers one last chance. On the final drive of the game, Justin was up two points but that quickly faded with a catch by both Tonyan and Jones giving Worzie the lead by 1.8pts. Justin had one final chance to comeback... A 55yd FG attempt that would have given the Packers 20pts taking away 2pts from Worzie's Buffalo DEF. The snap is good, laces are out andddddd wide left. Game over. A thriller for those who weren't involved but a hard kick to the dick for Justin.


1) Mac & Chase ▲1 : Top of the charts, once again. Let's see how long this lives without Ja'Marr Chase.

2) LBJ = GOAT ▼1 : Caught slipping with back-to-back poor performances, sub 110 both weeks.

3) Mile High Magic ▲1 : Ripping off 5 straight wins after an 0-3 start. Officially back.

4) Me & Mahomies ▼1 : Contender for South divisional title, tough 3-game stretch ahead.

5) upHill Battle -- : Tough schedule ahead, will need to prove to the Committee he's a contender.

6) Just Do It -- : Turkey has come early. Three L's in a row but has some weaker opponents ahead.

7) Oh Goed-ert Hurts ▲1 : Somehow 4-4 with that shit ass roster. Don't think he will hold on.

8) Pay Me ▼1 : Same record as his Packers. Down bad right now.

T-9) Romo's Rebuilders ▲1 : Rebuilding, one win at a time. Still dead though.

T-9) Goodell 2.0 ▼1 : Only here to upset and spoil someone's playoff chances.


Jared (6-2) vs Nathan (6-2)

Divisional leaders face off this week in a battle for the top power ranking spot. Nathan's team is coming off two brutal weeks due to injuries and players on bye. Jared's team has found it's stride with two weeks of 155pts or more. Both will be missing a key piece with CMC and SQB on bye this week.

Predictions went 2-3 last week, I expected better but from Nathan and Jere but here we are. Overall 17-18, still waiting for that elusive 5-0 week.

Commish vs. Spencer: Commish

Probst vs Justin: Probst

Jared vs Nathan: Jared

Ryan vs Nick: Ryan

Jere vs Worzie: Jere


Who will win the weekly matchup?

  • Jared (6-2)

  • Nathan (6-2)

Which team do you hate more?

  • Raiders

  • Raiders with Davante Adams


Over Achiever - Team with most points over their weekly projection

I may sit both my TE and Defense this week as they're a lock to not hit their projected number. I could really use the $20 as my bookie won't leave me alone. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Spencer. Your playoff chances decrease dramatically after this week. Bolt up brochachos.

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