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2022 Week Nine Recap

Five weeks left until the playoffs start. Two teams are eliminated and four teams have pretty much locked their spot with a record of 6-3 or better. That leaves four teams fighting for two spots. Jere and Spencer with 5-4 record, Justin at 4-5 and Probst at 3-6. Probst is on the brink of elimination but gets to play the Commish this week. Justin is in a must-win matchup against Jere. One thing to note, trade deadline is November 19. Don't ask me if it's at midnight, noon, or whatever. No idea, just know it's coming up. No one can commit to a trade in this league anyways so let's not all pretend like anyone cares what hour it ends.

Let's gets this shit going. Its 2pm on Thursday and I still have to make a call to a member who is going through a divorce to let him know his wife is kicking him off the membership.


Spencer, 32.68pts

Naturally, Spencer has his best week of the season against me. Trash bag Mixon ends up going for five tuddies after only have three on the entire year. More importantly, he keeps his playoff chances strong with his second straight win. I'm going to take the liberty of using Spencer's weekly payout to parlay Carolina +2.5 and the Over tonight to see if we can make him some extra cash.


Jared, NE Defense - 30pts

In the only close matchup of the week, Jared got the most out of the NE defense as they generated nine sacks, a pick-six and held Indy to only 3 points. It's exhausting that NE somehow always has a top-5 defense regardless of who lines up on that side of the ball. They continue to be a solid team despite losing the GOAT. Belichick's record against rookie QBs nearly perfect and continues to be a smart play in fantasy. Jared's win over Nathan puts him in solo first with the best record in the league.


Nathan, Hunter Renfrow - 5.60pts

Feels great to put another Raider as the blunder of the week. Fuck the Raiders but this blunder is well deserved because Renfrow hasn't done shit this year. The irony is that Nathan played Renfrow over Garrett Wilson, the best WR on his favorite team. So much for trusting your own players. Now on a two-game losing streak and falling out of the top power rankings spot, his team is showing it's flaws.

Honorable Mention:

Probst, Damien Harris - 0.00pts

If it wasn't for being a Raiders player, this would automatically qualify as the Blunder of the week. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, shoutout physics. This is what fucking happens when you don't set your lineup, the reaction hits you square in the fucking face. Probst left Harris in, who was ruled out long before game time, in doing so, the entire Packers team died on the field last Sunday in an embarrassing loss to the Lions. Rashan Gary ACL Tear, Christian Watson concussion, Bakhtiari knee injury, Eric Stokes knee injury, De'Vondre Campbell knee injury, Romeo Doubs ankle injury, Aaron Jones ankle injury. Set your fucking lineups. No excuses play like a champion.


Isiah Likely TD

It took all of five-minutes into MNF for Jared to overcome the 8pt deficit he went into the game with. Isiah Likely has taken full advantage of the reps he has been getting with Andrews out and it will be hard for the Ravens to keep him on the sideline with Andrews does come back. He's a stud. Not only did he win Jared his weekly matchup with a single TD catch on MNF, I also had him for first td +850 going into the game. Shoutout to me, shoutout to Jared and Shoutout to likely for showing up. Also, it's now 3pm and I don't have access to my game film so here is a video of the TD from a dude in the stands. Shoutout to him, too.


1) Mac & Chase -- : Best record in the league, four-game winning streak.

2) Mile High Magic ▲1 : 0-3 to 6-3. Coming back with a vengeance.

3) LBJ = GOAT ▼1 : Caught slipping and now slides down another spot.

4) Me & Mahomies -- : Team is hit or miss. Will make the playoffs but first-round loss coming.

5) upHill Battle -- : Sneaky darkhorse if they end up making the playoffs.

6) Just Do It -- : A much needed win against a half-ass roster. TBD if worthy of playoff spot.

7) Oh Goed-ert Hurts -- : Holding on for dear life.

8) Romo's Rebuilders ▲1 : Dead.

9) Goodell 2.0 ▲1 : Dead.

10) Pay Me ▼2 : Can't even set his lineup. Sanctions may be coming.


Justin (4-5) vs Jere (5-4)

Big matchup for these two playoff contenders. A must-win for Justin as his entire team is on bye next week. Jere is coming off an explosive scoring week and after struggling to get any QB to put up points, has found the QB1 on waivers since week 4.

After a 3-2 week I sit at 20-20 overall. Feeling good about my picks this week. Might parlay them, who wants to give me action?

Commish vs. Probst: Commish

Spencer vs. Nick: Spencer

Justin vs. Jere: Jere

Jared vs. Ryan: Ryan

Natahn vs. Worzie: Nathan


Who wins the weekly matchup?

  • Justin (4-5)

  • Jere (5-4)

Was the entire Packers team dying enough punishment for Probst not setting his lineup?

  • No, I want more blood.

  • Yes, the Packers are a poverty franchise now.


Gotta Catch ‘Em All - Team with the single starting WR that has the most receptions

Pretty sure Tyreek will win this. If not, it will be Kupp. Either way, Jere is a lock to win this payout this week since he has both rostered. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Probst. The only way you will avoid sanctions is if you decide to also not set your weekly lineup this week. Help a brother out, eh? Bolt up.

Need these boys back asap.

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