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2022 Week Ten Recap

The playoff picture only got muddier as the teams who needed to win, all got wins. Spencer, Probst and Justin found a way to get it done with their backs against the wall. Five teams now sit at 6-4, two others at 5-5 and Probst sits at 4-6, still with a chance. This week, we get multiple matchups that will start to clear the path for the playoffs. As a final reminder, the trade deadline is the Saturday the 19th. Should you make a trade, have some integrity. Doesn't matter if you're in or out of the playoffs, the ultimate goal of the trade should be to make your team better.

Once again, it's Thursday morning, naturally I'm behind. I'm tired and no amount of coffee will bring me back from this grogginess. So let's get right into this bitch.


Jared, Stefon Diggs - 12 receptions

Jared captures another weekly payout, his third in the last four weeks. With his team looking like the favorite at the moment, he could come away with some extra spending cash this holiday season. While I had Kupp and Hill favored to win this, Diggs snuck in with 12 receptions to beat out CeeDee Lamb who had 11.


Probst, Christian Watson - 32.70pts

The rookie who was supposed to be Rodger's guy going into the season has had a rough start with injuries and dropped passes. Going into week 10, he has not had a game over three receptions and had yet to score double digit fantasy points. Probst had faith though and he was rewarded as Watson this broke out, scoring more fantasy points than his entire previous weeks combined. Three touchdowns on only four receptions but had over 100 receiving yards as he took his first leap into the Lambeau stands.


Jere, Chubba Hubbard - 1.40pts

Papa Henderson finds himself on the blunder list once again. I promise I don't enjoy this as much as he, or anyone else, thinks I do. Unfortunately, it continues to stick out when perusing through the weekly matchup. Having missed the previous two weeks due to an ankle injury, Hubbard came back into a messy backfield that has been using a three-RB committee since CMC's departure. Foreman stole the show this week, who Jere faced on TNF, out-snapping Hubbard 45 to 12. While it would have been hard to predict that going into the game, Carolina is taking the "hot hand" approach. I would have felt more comfortable with McKinnon against JAX or Mitchell against LAC, even as backup RB's, their role has been defined. Shit, even Latavius Murray has been getting nearly 50% snap count since his arrival in Denver.


Hurts Pass TD to Goedert

Monday Night Misery strikes again for Nick. Although his season is already over, it still feels bad knowing you could upset another team trying to get into the playoffs. While the matchup went back and forth late into the game, this play brought Spencer back into the mix early in the game. With less than two-minutes left in the first quarter, the Eagles designed a great play that gave Hurts a wide open throw to Goedert in the endzone. Using the 11 personnel package (1 RB, 1 TE) they put Sanders out wide to the right, leaving an empty backfield, spreading out a Washington defense. With a safety playing spy, Jalen takes two hard steps as if hes running, forcing the Safety to crash and another LB follows, leaving Goedert open in the middle of the field. Jalen makes a nice jump-pass that gave Spencer a 11.62pts on that play alone.


1) Mac & Chase -- : Still winning without his best WR.

2) LBJ = GOAT ▲1 : Statement win after back-to-back losses.

3) Mile High Magic ▼1 : First loss since week 3, team is banged up after a rough Sunday.

4) Me & Mahomies -- : Holds firm at 6-4, trying to catch a win after two tough losses.

5) Just Do It ▲1 : A much-needed win puts him in a good spot to make the playoffs.

6) Oh Goed-ert Hurts ▲1 : Gets an ugly win, has now won 3-straight... somehow.

7) upHill Battle ▼2 : Kupp to IR and now the playoff chances are in danger.

8) Pay Me ▲2 : Rostered a full team, gets a win, not dead... yet.

9) Romo's Rebuilders ▼1 : Dead.

10) Goodell 2.0 ▼1 : Dead


Ryan (6-4) vs Worzie (6-4)

These two teams are fighting to take solo second place in the south division and keep their division champion chances alive. The loser will fall to 6-5 and will find themselves fighting to stay in the playoff hunt as we go into the final three-game stretch.

Lousy 2-3 week, putting me at 22-23 overall. I felt good about it but injuries and duds killed any hope for a couple teams. This week though? This is it.

Commish vs. Justin: Justin

Spencer vs. Jere: Spencer

Probst vs. Nathan: Nathan

Jared vs. Nick: Jared

Ryan vs. Worzie: Worzie

This will be the 5-0 week.


Who wins the weekly matchup?

  • Ryan (6-4)

  • Worzie (6-4)

Do you think Justin Fields is a franchise QB for the next decade?

  • Yup

  • Nope


Pursuit Drill - Team that has the defense with the most combined interceptions, tackles for loss, fumble recoveries and sacks

The tackles for loss stat is a new addition to this payout. Pretty sure Spencer and Jared have taken home a combines 5 or 6 of the weekly payouts combined, so it would be nice to see anyone else win this week. Good luck to everyone as we're a month out from the playoffs, except you Justin. Both of our rosters are missing multiple pieces so I imagine it will be a shit show but if I can play spoiler for one week, I hope this is it. Bolt up.

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