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2022 Week Twelve Recap

Herbie babayyy. You guys see him lead Jared's team to 211 points last week? Because I sure did. Absolute legend. 100% worthy of this cover, don't @ me.

I know what you're all here for though, well most of you, the playoff picture. We're two weeks away from the playoffs and still, only one team has clinched a spot.

In the North, Jared has locked up the first-round bye. Nathan and Worzie are battling out the South with a divisional record setting them apart as of now. Then there is a mess. Two teams at 7-5, two at 6-6 and one at 5-7. Jere at 5-7 has to win out to have a chance and will probably still need some help.

Let's get right into it.


Jared, 11 Offensive TDs

Another week and another weekly payout for Jared. I stopped counting but I think he's up to 5 wins now. This week his team balled out. 11 TD's to help break the elusive 200 mark for the second time in his League career, but came up just short of Ryan's record at 214pts. Nonetheless, impressive performance and his team continues to stay hot as we get near the playoffs.


Justin, Miami DEF - 20.75pts

Justin has been holding onto Miami DEF for a couple of weeks knowing they had Houston on the schedule. It paid off as they dominated, putting up their highest point total of the year and helping Justin secure a much-needed win to come close to securing a playoff spot. We aren't keeping score here, but it's been a month since Justin said his season was over and he hasn't lost since. Interesting...


Spencer, Greg Dulcich - 3.30pts

I get it, the TE landscape is miserable unless you have Kelce. But c'mon. You're going to use TE from the worst-scoring offense in the NFL? A TE that has QB completing less than 60% of his passes and throwing to TE's at a rate in the bottom 10. Yuck. Bad move here and it cost him his matchup, losing by 3pts. Spencer swore by Dulcich but all of a sudden he's not on his roster anymore.


Najee Harris TD

Come on, come all. Get ready to watch something that you rarely ever see, Najee getting into the endzone. He doesn't do it often but when he does, it comes at a crucial time to help Justin get the win in a close MNF matchup. Najee came up limping the next series and was eventually ruled out of the game but he did just enough to get the win for Justin.


1) Mac & Chase -- : Locked up first round bye.

2) LBJ = GOAT -- : Still battling to stay ahead in the South.

3) Me & Mahomies -- : Underrated team who continues to find ways to win.

4) Just Do It ▲1 : Four in a row. But plays Jared this week... Yikes.

5) Oh Goed-ert Hurts ▲1 : A win will lock up a playoff spot for this pretender of a team.

6) Mile High ▼2 : Three-game skid after winning six straight.

7) Pay Me -- : Somehow has found his way back into contention after being 3-6.

8) upHill Battle -- : Losing Kupp has killed this team. Three straight losses since.

9) Romo's Rebuilders -- : Dead.

10) Goodell 2.0 -- : Dead


Spencer (7-5) vs Nathan (8-4)

Spencer is fighting for his life to keep a playoff spot and will need his team to show up and take down the South leader. Losing this game for Nathan isn't the worst as it's non-divisional and he still holds a one-game lead for the tiebreaker but a win this week would lock him up in the playoffs and the bye if Worzie loses.

There it is, the 5-0 flawless prediction week. Now 9-1 over the last two weeks and on a fucking roll! 31-24 overall, going for 5-0 back-to-back.

Commish vs. Ryan: Ryan

Spencer vs. Nathan: Nathan

Probst vs. Worzie: Probst

Jared vs. Justin: Jared

Nick vs. Jere: Jere


Who wins the weekly matchup?

  • Spencer (7-5)

  • Nathan (8-4)

Will the Chargers make the playoffs this year?

  • Yes

  • Yes, but they should still fire Staley and Lombardi

  • No


Right on the Money - Team closest to their projected point total (over OR under)

Two weeks left for weekly payouts. I'll take a wild guess that Jared also wins this payout but that means his team would underperform by only coming close to his projected total. This one should be close as the past two winners for this came withing two points of their projections. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Ryan. Final couple weeks of fantasy for a few of us. The rest get to battle for the Cup. Bolt up, bitches.

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