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2023 Draft Recap

The phone has barely stopped ringing today. Compliments continue to pour about our Commish (me) on what's being touted as the smoothest draft ever. I just finished my press conference where they oddly gave me a round of applause as I walked in, but fitting given how seamlessly I made the league transition to Sleeper Fantasy. The first question asked, "How do you continue to improve the league when it's already considered the gold standard?". That was a great question and I paused for a few seconds, almost questioning myself on how I continue this greatness. My response, "Well bud, here's the deal. I'm the best there is, plain and simple." Now, I'm not sure a Ricky Bobby quote was the most eloquent response but goddamn you should have heard the goat chants coming from that room after I said that. I felt Lebron after the chase-down block against Iggy in game 7 of the finals. What a scene.

My schedule is jammed, but the Commish never fails to deliver on recaps. Let this be a reminder because I get tired of all your greasy cheeto-dusted fingers smashing away at your phone on a Thursday morning when the recap hasn't been released yet. Like Ashante, it's always on time.

As you review this and either get my praise or hate. Understand that it's your own fault because you drafted these guys. I just preach the gospel. Don't come at me because you fucked it up before we even started. Reminder, my draft grades do not come with an explanation because I shouldn't have to explain myself to justify the grade I give.

Best Value, Early Rounds


If you saw the video of Kamara beating the shit outta that guy, you understand why I have him here on the Best Value list. He looked extremely healthy wailing on that dude and while he's suspended for three weeks, if he can channel that anger on the field against the weakest schedule in the league, Probst may have found a gem in the 5th round. Since Kamara entered the league, his lowest RB finish was 2022 at RB16 with only 4 TDs scored on the season. Every year prior to that was top 10. I imagine a particular someone feels dumb for drafting an RB two picks earlier from a team that's actively trying to tank.

Worst Value, Early Rounds


"But Commish, Kupp was supposed to be a top 5 pick, how is this the worst value!??!!" Simply put, Kupp's living off one electric year and gets treated as one of the best WRs in the NFL. Kupp's right leg is about as dependable as a McDonald's ice cream machine. I've seen a billion hamstring injuries on Twitter yet this may be the first one where a player has to go see a specialist. If it's just a hamstring, I imagine the baker's dozen of doctors on an NFL team could find a rehab plan. Now we hear there is a possibility of him going to IR to start the year. Not what you want from a 30-year-old 3rd round pick. Oh also, the fact that he had back-to-back picks and took Kupp in the 3rd and Josh Allen in the 4th, making Kupp ineligible to be kept as a 2nd next year. Inexcusable.

Best Value, Mid Rounds


McKinnon averaged 20.4 fantasy points per game over the last 6 weeks of 2022, finding the endzone 8 times during that span. He had the 9th most targets among all RB's last year on a team that will always find a way to score. No one really knows what the Chiefs will do when it comes to running back but McKinnon played a nice role in the passing game, especially in the red zone. I don't see why that wouldn't continue but we know TD's are one of the higher-variance stats.

Honorable Mention Nick, Raheem Mostert Round 10, Pick 4

I already know this won't age well, but here we go. Snagging a starting RB for a high-powered Shanahan-style offense in the 10th round is what we call robbing the bank. Mostert has been labeled as the clear-cut RB1 for Miami and with Jeff Wilson on IR and Achane dealing with a shoulder injury, Mostert could boom early and often. So why won't this age well? Mostert has only played more than 9 games twice in his last 5 seasons. There is a strong chance he will miss some games this year but as long as he is there when you need him, he's worth a solid flex play averaging over 13 touches per game when he plays. That load could see an increase as well.

Worst Value, Mid Rounds


I hate that I had to put a Charger on this list but here we are. While QJ had a nice camp, he's still anticipated to be behind Josh Palmer on the depth chart, making him the WR4. We could see this change over the course of the season as the first-rounder starts to make plays. They've developed packages around his ability to earn YAC but unless Keenan and Mike Dub miss time, I don't see him playing a significant amount of snaps each week. I would of much rather had guys who were drafted after, such as Michael Thomas, Gabe Davis, Skyy Moore or Sutton. QJ's value will come next year as they envision him as a key piece to the offense should Keenan not be a part of the team for salary cap reasons. I think Ryan was a year early on this pick but I hope to be proven wrong here.

Honorable Mention Commish, Jonathan Taylor Round 8, Pick 3

Someone had to take him. I've done enough research on the situation to feel comfortable that he's going to be on the field at some point this year because the Colts hold nearly all the leverage. Something tells me if he gets traded he will magically be healed like James Harden when he gets to a new team. I'm in it for the long run with JayTay, especially as a 6th round keeper for 2024. But, let me know if anyone wants to put in a trade offer, bids are already rolling in. Similar to Irsay, I'm expecting a first-round pick in return.

Best Value, Late Rounds


As QB's were taking quickly, Worzie held out until the final round to take his guy. While healthy, Tua has arguably the league's best WR core around him. Before Tua was caught throwing up gang signs in the middle of the Bengals game, he was lighting up the scoreboard. If he can stay upright behind one of the league's worst O-Lines, it's hard to imagine he doesn't end up as a top-8 QB. Obviously, the downside is a single concussion could end his career. Hot take, if Tua ends up playing the entire season, he finishes with a better fantasy season than Jalen Hurts.

Worst Value, Late Rounds


I hate this pick so much. The fact that Schultz was drafted before Evan Engram is probably what upsets me most. On one of the highest-scoring offenses in the past 5 years, he has only once found himself as a top-10 TE. Schultz finds himself on a significantly worse team with rookie C.J. Stroud as his QB. I would expect the passing volume and targets to decrease from previous years. If I had to guess, we will see a change at TE in the early weeks for Jared's team.

Commish Draft Grades

Does not take keepers into evaluation.
  • Nathan: B

  • Probst: B+

  • Jere: C+

  • Ryan: B+

  • Worzie: B

  • Spencer: C

  • Nick: B

  • Commish: A-

  • Justin: B-

  • Jared: B

Football is back baby! First game in less than 24 hours. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Papa Henderson. My championship run starts now. Bolt Up!

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