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2023 Week Three Recap

Is the North division even trying this year? With three teams 0-3, I'm starting to believe they're in a competition to tank for Caleb Williams. I'm just confused, between those three teams they have four of the six championships combined. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt though. Justin is experiencing what we call a Super Bowl hangover. Once you win your first championship, the ego tends to rise but the product on the field just doesn't equate. Jere plays in something like 20 leagues so I'll just assume this is the league that hasn't worked out for him. Sorry not sorry but his team is trash. Per usual, he will have to work the waiver wire to help his team compete week to week. Jared though? I cannot put my finger on what exactly the reasoning is. He hasn't won a championship for a few years and this is only one of two leagues he plays in. That was until I got this video sent to me of him talking to his coach. I think we're looking at a situation where management isn't seeing eye-to-eye with each other. You tell me.

Not a great look for a program that has consistently made the playoffs year after year. Starting to feel like this team is going into rebuild mode for 2024.

Exciting stuff this week. The committee tried to put off the rankings for another week because they couldn't come to a conclusion, but as commissioner, I stepped in and told them to buckle the fuck up and figure it out. As the midnight oil burned, the job got done. Rankings are in, the people are happy, and once again the commish saves the day. Modern-day superhero. The people said it, not me.

Alright, here we go.


Run Forrest Run! - Team with the RB with the most combined rushing and receiving yards

Justin, Kenneth Walker - 156 Combined Yards

Justin wins his second weekly payout in a row, which happens to be the only thing he can win this year. Walker held down the spot although a late push from D'Andre Swift made it uncomfortable on MNF. I heard people saying that RBs in the flex shouldn't be eligible because it gives an unfair advantage. Grow up. That's nonsense, just draft more RBs if you feel that way.

As mentioned, we're going to continue to track extra wins because I have a feeling this may be the way we go in the future. Not saying it's for sure, but it may swing votes one way or another. Spencer: 5-1 Nick: 4-2

Justin: 3-3 Jere: 0-6 Jared: 0-6 Worzie: 6-0

Nathan: 5-1 Commish:3-3 Probst: 3-3 Ryan: 1-5 Justin would be the biggest winner through 3 weeks. Having 3 additional wins from being in the top 5 point scoring. Bringing him to a .500 record versus 0-3.


Nathan, Mike Williams - 25.10pts

There really isn't a good choice for the start of the week, so I'm turning this into a Mike Williams obituary piece. No, not the former Bucs WR Mike Williams who recently died (rip), but the one who died in the hearts and souls of the 19 Chargers fans with the ACL tear heard 'round the world. It hurts, not gonna lie. This may have been the last time we see Mike in a Chargers jersey. But before going out, he did put up numbers this week to help Nathan win his matchup, catching a 49-yard touchdown from Keenan Allen on a trick play. This now becomes an opportunity for the rookie Quentin Johnston to make a true debut and show why the Chargers drafted him in the first round.


Probst, Josh Reynolds - 0.00pts

Woof. With Josh Reynold stepping into the WR2 role for Detroit and coming off nice performances in weeks one and two, it was surprising to see Reynolds end up with a goose egg. Questionable to play prior to the game but ultimately active, the injury must have been bugging him as he did play 70% of snaps but failed to get a target his way. Probst lost by 15pts, by replacing Reynolds with McKinnon or Sutton, he would have overcome that deficit and kept a perfect 3-0 record.


Worzie, Tua Tagovailoa

How the fuck do you lose track of Tyreek Hill? How does the most dangerous wide receiver in the NFL find himself with a 15-yard cushion on the third play of the game? This happened to be just the first of four touchdowns for Tua on the day, who is absolutely dealing in this Miami offense. Four guys with sub 4.35 speed. I fucking hate Miami, I really do. Mainly because their twitter fans are the most toxic of any fanbase but this offense is fun to watch. It's just a track meet when they have the ball in their hands. Tua ended up going 23 of 26, 309yds and 4 tuddies, a total of 40.61pts to help Worzie beat Probst.


They're here.

1) Me & Mahomies: Stacked at RB, and has scored over 130pts each week.

2) LBJ = GOAT: Suspect at QB, but loaded everywhere else.

3) Romo's Revenge: Boom or bust, but has boomed two out of three weeks.

4) Goodell 2.0: Overcoming injuries to stay ahead of the pack.

5) Bed, Bath & Bijan: Steady team with consistent performers.

6) Skyy's Out, Thighs Out: Faced the easiest schedule so far, but has Tyreek.

7) Aiyuken: Toughest schedule so far, best chance to turn 0-3 around.

8) Mile High Magic: Overperforming already with one win. Avg 104pts per week.

9) Mutant Njiga Turtles: Big-name players have let him down early.

10) Hall of Shame: Struggling to put a decent team out there each week.


Justin (0-3) vs Jared (0-3)

Early season toilet bowl. This game gives one team an opportunity to turn the season around, the other will find themselves waiting around for next September to have another shot at the cup. Hard to watch someone's season end this early but this is fantasy for you. Never have we seen an 0-4 make the playoffs and I don't think we will see it happen this year.

Commish finished with a 3-2 record, bringing his overall total to 5-5.

Week Four Predictions

Commish vs. Probst: Commish Spencer vs. Nick: Spencer Jere vs. Nathan: Nathan Justin vs. Jared: Justin Ryan vs. Worzie: Worzie


Sweet 16 - Team with any starting TE that finished closest to 16 total points (over or under)

Love this payout. Always have. It's nice to feature a TE payout as the tight ends don't get enough love.. unless you're Jared. He's had his tight end bent over three weeks in a row and I have a feeling it will be four. Starting to think he likes it.

Good luck to everyone in week 4. Except you Probst. I'm coming for that South division title and won't let you stand in the way. Bolt up.

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