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2021 Week 11 Recap

Surprised there hasn't been an uproar with no recap yet, and while this may be last minute, I'm always on time like Ja Rule and Ashanti. Going to make this short and sweet because when I told April we may be a few minutes late to her parent's house this morning, because of a "fantasy thing", the look was one I haven't seen before. Let's just go ahead and jump right into it so I can ensure there will be a week 12 recap.


Nathan, NE Def

New England played on TNF and ended up with 8 total sacks, INT's or fumble recoveries combined. I decided to pay him out immediately after the game because I knew he was already going to win the payout. The only thing I found hilarious about TB defense going off against me, again, was that I had a bet for a DEF TD in that game that hit. Other than that I did not enjoy the following conversation.


I counted Probst out too soon. After the Deebo Samuel & Najee Harris package trade, Probst has been on a run. He technically still has a chance at making the playoffs as he's only two games back of the 6th spot. Also a fact, I plan on ending that run this week when Probst and I face off. I hate getting people's hopes up so with a win this week I will have officially put Probst's team in the grave which I'm excited about.


Probst, Marques Valdes-Scantling - 22.30pts

Great start of the week from Probst as MVS went off for a season-high 22.30pts. Not only was it a season-high, but MVS has struggled to stay on the field this year and produce for a competitive Packers team. 10 targets are tied for second-most in his career, should he be able to stay healthy I believe he's due to see more action across from Davante.


Ryan, Buffalo Def - -.25pts

Finally, a reason to bust Ryan's balls. After having one of the best fantasy seasons this League has seen, Ryan's lack of waiver wire use caught up to him. Getting negative defensive points is pretty impressive this year since we jacked up the defensive scoring and while Ryan's team has been consistently great, he's only .500 over the past 8 weeks. He faces Worzie this week who is currently the 6th seed, so I know there is a few teams, including myself, who are hoping to see Worzie take a big L to keep the 6th seed in play.


This week, our condolences go out to the Forell brothers. Technically this happened after MNF, but I think it's important to address this in this week's recap. Two highly-touted players were recently dropped to waivers after 11 weeks of atrocious fantasy play. Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay find themselves homeless with no light at the end of the tunnel. Golladay was a free agent going into the season and went from the Lions to the Giants in what now seems like a lateral move with a significantly worse QB. Allen Robinson was a WR1 last year having produced big numbers despite a below-average QB throwing the ball. He has yet to produce a week over 11pts this year which is an absurd fall-off.


1) Mile High Magic | 7-4 | -

Holding on to the first place spot by a small margin, although he has over 150pts scored more than the next person.

2) LBJ = GOAT | 7-4 | -

The hottest team in the league right now with a 5-game winning streak. His divisional record is holding him back from first in the South.

3) Kamara Forever | 7-4 | -

Back on track after a two-game skid. Looks to finish strong with three upcoming divisional games.

4) Romo Returns | 7-4 | -

Averaging just over 100pts for the last four weeks, going 1-3. Looking for a way to turn it around.

5) Just Do It | 6-5 | -

Won his last 4 of 5. A team that was outside looking in, needs to win 2 of 3 games to secure a playoff spot due to a lack of points scored.

6) This is the Pitts | 5-6 | -

Looking to make the playoffs after starting 0-3 again, has a tough schedule to finish it out.

7) Veto my Pito | 5-6 | ▲1

Currently hanging on the 6th seed but 3 teams are chasing him to get in. Looking for an upset against the top team this week.

8) Big Meaty Calves | 4-7 | ▼1

Lost his last 5 of 6 games and must win out to secure a spot in the playoffs.

9) Goodell 2.0 | 4-7 | -

Needs a late-season turnaround after losing 5 straight going into this week.

10) I've Been Immunized | 3-8 | -

Currently on life support, needs to win out and help from other teams to get into the playoffs.


Four of the top teams play four playoff contenders. It's a must-win for every single team this week as the top teams are competing for the first-round bye and everyone else for the wildcard spots.

Commish's Lucky 8-Ball Predictions: (11-9 overall)

Commish vs Probst: Commish Wins

Spencer vs Nick: Spencer Wins

Jere vs Jared: Jared Wins

Justin vs Nathan: Nathan Wins

Ryan vs Worzie: Ryan Wins


Touchdown Jerry Rice! - Team with the most offensive touchdowns scored

Ryan's team is currently on pace to break the single-season scored for weekly offensive TD's, which makes him the favorite this week.

Good luck to everyone this week, except you Probst, but most of all Happy Thanksgiving!

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