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Wildcard Weekend Recap

It's been an interesting couple weeks as every few minutes you have people being thrown on and reactivated from covid lists. It's dumb and depending on who wins the championship, there will probably be an asterisk next to the name. For example, my dad started 0-3 and came back to win in week 13 to go from the 7th seed to a first-round bye, winning his last 6 of 7. No asterisk. Whereas Justin's team continues to underperform week after week but he finds himself still winning due to some fortunate luck. Asterisk. No, I don't consider that to be biased by any means, and I'll continue to remind everyone that slander of the committee will potentially call for sanctions up to a loss of a draft pick. It's in the bylaws you all signed. Jared's team went absolutely limp last week. It was worse than Hugh Hefner (rip) trying to get it up for Holly. His season ends earlier then he expected and will immediately start his preparation for the 2022 fantasy draft. Shoutout to Worzie for continuing his winning streak for five games, led by Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen. I went 0-2 last week on my predictions, but I feel confident about turning it around this week. I've heard people say that I jinx them when I predict their victory but I think that's rubbish. We are down to the final four teams, winners this week will punch their ticket to the championship. Let's get right into the matchups


Ryan vs Worzie

Cali vs Cali, MPCC vs Cypress, Herbert and Allen vs Stafford and Kupp. Take your pick. Ryan has put together the most dominant regular season we have seen in league history, without spending single FAAB dollar. I'm starting to believe that he thinks this is a best ball format and that waivers don't exist. Either way, at the time of writing this, he has a player sitting at a zero projection and is still projected higher. Don't count Worzie out though, last time these two met he left victorious with a 2pt win over Ryan. All we can hope is that we don't see additional players land on the covid list because I'm looking forward to seeing this matchup. Worzie is the only team of the remaining four who has yet to make it to the championship. If he does, he will be the odds on favorite to win it all.

Commish's prediction: Ryan wins over Worzie - 172.91 to 146.11

Jere vs Justin

We get the anticipated rematch of week 14, where Jere outlasted Justin to lock up the North division bye. He continues to be one of the healthiest teams in the playoffs right now and has yet to have any major players land on the covid list. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Justin. He is currently down Tyreek and Cook with a small chance they both make it back in time for this weeks game. Lamar Jackson continues to nurse an injured ankle and is doubtful to play in this weeks matchup. Expect Justin to throw in Huntley who played above expectations in last weeks game.

Commish's Prediction: Jere wins over Justin - 151.276 to 103.87

Should my predictions hit, we will see Ryan vs Jere in the championship match for the 3rd time in the last 4 years, unprecedented. I personally don't care who wins, but I would really like to see the championship cup actually used instead of sitting on a mantle collecting dust and dead skin cells. The fucking trophy is a hydroflask cup, use it motherfuckers. It keeps shit hot and cold. no excuses, drink like a champion.

Lastly, happy holidays you filthy animals. I hope you all get coal in your stockings. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Houston Texans. Herbert's coming for the top QB spot.

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