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2021 Week 14 Recap

We finally made it to playoffs. For those who were lucky enough to grab a spot, congrats. For those who didn't, grab some popcorn and a folding chair because I think we're in for a good show. I don't really have interest in recapping last week because it's old news and everyone is more focused on the playoffs. Shoutout to the division winners, Ryan and Jere. They both took significantly different paths to get to the same point. Ryan's team has been dominant all year while Jere's has been up, down and all over the place. This week's recap will be modified with a dive into the playoff matchups, so let's get right into it.


Nathan, not sure how many points but it really doesn't matter

Good job, Nathan. Put that towards the college fund.


Jared vs Worzie

Two beer connoisseurs go head-to-head to in a matchup that can fall either way. I'd argue that Jared has a slight advantage due to the depth of his team. Being one of the healthier teams in the league led by Kamara, Kittle and Adams, he can bust out for 180+ but has seen the sub-100 weeks as well. Worzie's team has been hot as of recent, winning 4 of his last 5 to lock up a wildcard spot and continue his fantasy season for at least another week. Unfortunately, it will be an uphill battle as Gaskins landed on the COVID-19 report. Chances are we see James Robinson get subbed in, who should see a larger share of carries since Urban Meyer finally got fired. Apparently, the final straw was kicking a player. Worzie is hoping to start fast with the Herbert/Allen stack in tonight's game. Jared will fire back on Saturday night with Chubb and Pittman before they head into the Sunday slate. The winner of this matchup will find themselves facing Ryan's team in the divisional round, not the ideal path to a championship but you'll have to face him sooner or later.

Commish prediction: Jared wins over Worzie - 158.23 to 137.12

Nathan vs Justin

You often don't get a rivalry as good as this one for a wildcard weekend. Nathan and Justin go way back to the days of high school where their cover of No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown broke the internet. Not really, but it's pretty funny, you can watch it here. Nathan looks to suck the air out of Justin (no homo) during this week's playoff matchup between the two weakest teams left. Nathan has had a brutal week losing Hockenson, Hunt, Lockett, Williams which just goes to show the fantasy gods is doing their best to get Justin as far as possible with an awful team. No idea who Justin sucked off to continue this lucky streak but it has paid off so far. Last time these two teams played, it was a barn burner with Justin winning 99 to 79, this week is an absolute toss up and the winner will play Jere in the divisional round with hopes to reach the championship.

Commish Prediction: Nathan wins over Justin - 124.29 to 111.69

For the rest of you scrubs, pack it in and start preparing for next year's draft. Your season is over and the weekly payouts are complete. Good luck to everyone this week, except you KC Chiefs, Herbie and Co. are looking for the season sweep tonight.

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