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2021 Week 4 Recap

Updated: Oct 6, 2021


Great week for fantasy. We finally had some close matchups and guys in lineups that you wouldn't have seen in the first couple of weeks. I am looking forward to the bye weeks starting because it will start to put pressure on a lot of teams. Bench depth will become important and I'm hoping to see some trades flying around. It's been a pretty quiet four weeks as most seem to be hesitant to move their players. 72' Dolphins are celebrating as we no longer have an undefeated team as Ryan fell in a close match against the Commish. Additionally, Jere got his first win in a tight battle against Probst who remains winless after a tough four-week stretch to start. A great recap this week though, so I won't waste any more time. Let's get right into it.


Justin, Noah Fant - 16.60pts

I always find this payout enjoyable because rarely do TE’s get the credit they deserve when it comes to fantasy. Unless you have Kelce or Waller you can essentially erase the names, blindly pick one, and probably be just fine for the week when you compare it to the rest of the field. Justin had a last-minute scare with Waller sitting at 15pts on MNF and Oakland driving with a two-minutes remaining. Luckily, Carr throws it into the dirt on first down on a pass to Waller for 5-yards. He rushes for 3-yards when he's down by 14. Waller didn't get another chance after that, game over.


Only 6 of the 10 people in the league actually have the balls to commit their allegiance to an NFL team, ride or die. Five of the six teams have identical records to their NFL counterparts.

Commish - Chargers, both 3-1.

Jere - Steelers, both 1-3.

Nathan - Jets, both 1-3.

Ryan Cole - Broncos, both 3-1.

Nick - Cowboys, both 3-1.

Probst is the lone sole where the Packers are 3-1 but he finds himself winless at 0-4. Starting to wonder if maybe he‘s a closet Lions fan.


Commish, Hunter Renfrow

This dude came in clutch for me when I needed it most. Renfrow showed up, leading the team in receptions and hauling in a touchdown on a route that is almost unstoppable. Not bad for a guy who is the WR3 on his own team. I don't tweet often, but I felt like getting this dude's opinion on who I should start for my last flex play.

That was my immediate sign to start Renfrow because you never listen to the professionals. Gutsy call by a gutsy commish to play a gusty guy. Check out this route by Renfrow though, I need Keenan Allen to get this into his arsenal.

Honorable Mentions:

Jere, Tampa Bay Defense

Statistically, one of the worst defenses in the league right now. Jere decides to run it back with TB def, against Bill Belichick and Michael McCorkle “Mac” Jones. That marshmallow puff looking like the best rookie QB out there right now, which isn't really saying much. But, he stood toe-to-toe with the goat and played pretty well despite throwing an INT and taking four sacks which gave Jere’s defense enough points to best Probst.

Spencer, Dawson Knox

This kind of falls into what I was talking about earlier. Take away the name, put them in a hat, pick one, and hope you get a good performance. Knox has been playing well as of recent, more specifically he has been touchdown-dependent, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that Spencer put him to good use and was rewarded with a 20pt week, which helped seal a victory over Justin.


Ryan Cole, Antonio Brown

I was sitting on Ryan’s couch as this game was about to start, he had Fournette in his starting roster all the way up until a couple of minutes before kick-off. He subtly mentioned that Fournette got benched for Antonio Brown. As soon as we see on the broadcast that it’s pouring rain, Ryan reached for his phone and tried to put Fournette back in. Players were locked. Fournette ended up only scoring 3.5 more points than Brown, but Ryan only lost by .8pts. Shoutout to Yahoo for locking down those players in a dire situation, y’all the real MVP.

If Antonio Brown hauls this in like he does 9 out of 10 times. I'm dead tho.


An absolutely brutal stretch of games for Probst to start the season. He has now faced the highest weekly scorer 3 of the 4 weeks to date. You can’t do anything about it, just take it on the chin and start prepping for the 2022 season. This start for Probst fondly reminds me of a previous season where someone faced a ridiculously tough schedule to start. Oh yeah, that was Probst in 2018 where he had 20+ more points scored against him through four weeks than this year.


1) Romo Return | 3-1 | 1

2) Goodell 2.0 | 3-1 | 2

3) Mile High Magic | 3-1 | 2

4) Lights-Camera-Jackson | 3-1 | 3

5) Strawberry Fields Forever | 2-2 | 2

6) Big Meaty Calves | 2-2 | 2

7) Just Do It | 2-2 | 2

8) LBJ = GOAT | 1-3 | 2

9) Mahomes Sweet Home | 1-3 | -

10) It's A New Day | 0-3 | -


Commish (3-1) vs Nick (3-1)

Division leaders go head-to-head in a Week 5 matchup that features mangled rosters and more Q’s than you’ll find at San Francisco‘s Pride Week.


The Bye Week - Team that wins with the biggest points margin of victory

I'm just gonna call my shot. I think Jere takes the money this week with a big win over Justin. Justin's roster is banged up pretty bad. AJB is probably out this week, Cook is only playing 50% snaps right now, and if CMC comes back he loses Hubbard. His depth is only slightly alarming. Now, there is also a chance that I jinxed myself and I ended up taking a fat L, but imma shot caller. I said what I said.

Good luck this week gentlemen, except you Nicholas. Bolt gang or don't bang.

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