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2021 Week 1 Recap

Updated: Jun 23, 2022


Well we made it. The NFL season is finally back and underway. We must cherish every week because, fucking hell, March to August is extremely boring outside of a few random sporting events. As you can obviously see, I have taken the time to migrate our weekly blogs over to a website I built over the past few days. This was supposed to be a summer project in 2020, I never got around to it. This was also supposed to be a summer project for 2021, I also never got around to it. I decided on Monday evening that it was time I should get around to it. While the site does lack some personality, I felt it was good enough to release to our league. I will be updating the website over time with some additional features (dark mode on blogs), but who knows? It could be in the next 48 hours or it could take me another two years.

I was really hoping to start this season off with a win although I know my team was considered the underdog against Jared's formidable team. I could make up some excuse that between the Herbert fumble (was not a fumble) and playing just about any of my bench players, I would have come away with the win. The real reason I came out with a loss? Watch this shit.

When is the last time you have seen Derrick Henry get stuffed on the 1-yard line on back-to-back plays? If Henry just gives a little bit more of a fuck, I win my matchup by .03 points... .03. Side note: Big reason for this whole project was being able to enhance these recaps with shit like video. How fucking cool, right? Sure, I had to throw some dollars at the whole thing but I felt like we needed to enhance the product going into year 5.

Anyways, that whole intro was really just a setup to show that I can add videos into this blogging stuff. Let's get right into the good shit.


Jere, Patrick Mahomes 75yd TD Pass

Justin thought he had this locked up when Russell Wilson hit Lockett for 69-yards and a TD in the early games. Pretty sure most weeks that would hold up. One duo you can never count out for a long TD is Mahomes to Hill. Just electric. Congrats to Papa Henderson for locking up $20 this week. Here is the winning play.


Ryan Cole set a new league record for the most receiving yards in a single week with 592 total yards. Granted he started two WRs in flex spots, but a record is a record. The current record for most receiving yards in a season is held by Jared. In 2019, Jared's team had a total of 6778 receiving yards which averages out to 423.65yds per week. This record could be in danger as Ryan doesn't like to change his lineup... at all.


Jared, San Fran DEF

Give me a break here, it's week one. No one had to make tough decisions when setting their lineup but Jared's defense ended up pulling together a solid performance against the Lions albeit giving up 33 total points. Jared was the beneficiary of the new ruling system and now that I think of it, I probably would have won if I never changed the scoring. With three 4th down stops and nine tackles for loss, he earned an additional 5.25pts for their clutch plays. I want to also note, I would have won my week by .03pts against Jared if it wasn't for this play as well...

It was as if Greenlaw was waving my chances at winning goodbye...


Ryan Probst, Entire Team

I might be a little rude when I saw his entire team here. 65pts just ain't cutting it though. I have sympathy for Probst though, Aiyuk was supposed to be that dude this year. Rodgers completely flamed out. Najee showed why he wasn't worth a 1st round pick. Mostert is still made of glass and is on season-ending IR. Shit just didn't go his way this week. I think the real dagger here is that his bench was even worse...


How about WFT of the week? Chargers took down the WFT on the road with a sweet sweet 20-16 victory. Why is this labeled under this specific header you may ask? Because the Chargers came back in the 4th quarter to actually win a game! Chargers are now on a 5-game win streak dating back to 2020 and we're only getting stronger. Bring on the Cowgirls.

Secretly I just wanted to post a highlight of the Chargers with these awesome video segments I can add into these recaps. Still stoked about it.


It's none other than a good ol' fashioned South Division matchup. Ryan Cole versus Worzie this week. Both teams put up 181pts in week one so I am expecting an encore from both of these teams. If I had to make my prediction, I am putting my money on Worzie here. He has Corey Davis, that's all you need.


Commish always waits until after week 3 to release his first power rankings...


Best Loser - Team that loses their weekly matchup with the highest point total.

Just gonna go ahead and predict that the loser of the week 2 matchup will also take this payout home.

Yup, we can add GIFs too!

Lastly my friends. Check out the rest of the site, although there really isn't much to check out other than this dope-ass Team Managers page.

I recommend you create an account by linking your Facebook. Additionally, there is a forums page, but I really haven't got much started in that yet. Feel free to recommend ideas that you have for the site although all the cool shit like linking Yahoo! stats and NFL scores is pretty much impossible right now. Good luck to everyone this week, except you Probst. It will be a battle of the Toilet Bowl.

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