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Weekly Payouts for 2021

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Meant to post this earlier but $20 weekly payouts are back, with one additional week for week 14.

WEEK 1: Chicks Dig the Long Ball - Team with the QB with the longest pass

WEEK 2: Best Loser - Team that loses their weekly matchup with the highest point total

WEEK 3: Run Forrest Run! - Team with the RB with the most combined rushing and receiving yards

WEEK 4: Sweet 16 - Team with any starting TE that finished closest to 16 total points (over or under)

WEEK 5: The Bye Week - Team that wins with the biggest points margin of victory

WEEK 6: MVP - Team with the single highest scoring starter

WEEK 7: Blackjack - Team with a starter closest to 21 points without going over

WEEK 8: North vs South Rivalry Week - Team that scores the highest points in their division AND wins their weekly matchup. Pays $20 to both the North and South team.

WEEK 9: Over Achiever - Team with most points over their weekly projection

WEEK 10: Gotta Catch ‘Em All - Team with the starting WR with the most receptions

WEEK 11: Pursuit Drill - Team that has the defense with the most combined interceptions, fumbles and sacks.

WEEK 12: Touchdown Jerry Rice! - The team with the most offensive touchdowns scored

WEEK 13: Right on the Money - Team closest to their projected point total (over OR under)

WEEK 14: Photo Finish - Team that beats its opponent by the smallest margin of victory

Should there be any ties, the people who tied can agree to split the cash or find a different way to declare a winner.

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