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2021 Week 7 Recap

It's about that time of the season where my workload increases significantly and the recap's start getting posted later and later, but always before the deadline. Never missed a recap deadline and probably never will. Even if that means April has to hang out alone for the only two free nights I have because I'm watching football with the boys on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. She appreciates the dedication though, whether she expresses it or not. Typically not. Here we are though, halfway through the season. Bittersweet really, I wait 8 months for fantasy to come around and it feels like to goes by so quickly. Anyways, I'm in between meetings trying to finish this up, so let's get right into it.


Worzie, Deebo Samuel - 21pts

Blackjack Bitches! First time in league history we had someone hit blackjack, and in doing so he wins 1.5x the $20 payout. $30 is going to Worzie and I think we will keep this bonus in future years for hitting exactly 21. And no, the additionally money is not coming out of the pool, it's out of the Commish's pocket book. Deebo had 21pts around the beginning of the fourth quarter against the Colts and managed to not bust. Michael Pittman gave it his best run as he caught a late TD pass but fell short at 20.50pts. Every other year 20.50 would have been good enough to win it.


We're half way through the season and if it ended today, there would be a 4-way tie for the last two playoff spots. The 5th and 6th playoff seeds would be determined by points scored and it would be Nathan and Worzie who sneak in. Let this be a reminder that every week matters. Half of the league is within a game of each other and it doesn't take much to rise or fall in the standings.


Nathan, Brandon Bolden - 19.90pts

Nobody is perfect. My hand would be first up to admit I'm wrong sometimes. It's not often but when I am, my hand stays up. It takes a brave person to admit that. Brandon Bolden proved me wrong this weekend. In case you don't remember, I wrote a hit piece on Bolden last week and he apparently wanted all the smoke because he buried me by the end of the 3rd quarter. So, there ya go. There it is, my admission of defeat by Bolden this week. But before I head to my grave, I do want to point out that paying 23 FAAB when no one else paid anything was pretty interesting. I guess that's what you have when you don't spend any FAAB for the first 6 games of the season though. I'd like to see Bolden try and run it back against the Chargers next week. I have a feeling it won't go as well.


Worzie, Cameron Brate - 0.00pts

Cameron Brate was supposed to be in line to make his presence felt. Both Gronk and Brown were out, freeing up a dozen targets or so for this game. Unfortunately, while targeted four times he came away with no catches. This was only part of the reason Worzie lost this week but it played a big role in managements decision to trade away his entire team. Worzie goes into week 8 with a brand new look, not even recognizable. Let's hope it turns out better for him than it did Caitlyn Jenner.


1) Mile High Magic | 5-2 | -

Averaging 191.25pts over the past three weeks. A buzzsaw to run into right now.

2) Romo Returns | 6-1 | -

6-1 and rolling but would be 1-6 if he had to play Mile High Magic every week.

3) Kamara Forever | 4-2 | ▲1

On a 3-game winning stream with some impressive games.

4) Goodell 2.0 | 4-3 | ▼1

Looking for a new QB to go with some new role players. Lost last 2 out of 3.

5) Big Meaty Calves | 3-4 | ▲1

Looking to avoid a 3-game losing streak.

6) Wolf of Wall Street | 3-4 | ▼1

One a 3-game skid and just traded 90% of his team.

7) LBJ = GOAT | 3-4 | ▲2

Fighting to get back to .500 and in the hunt for the South Division.

8) Just Do It | 3-4 | -

Had a bye week last week, need to come out the 2nd half of the season strong.

9) This is the Pitts | 2-5 | ▼2

Leads the league in points against. Another L would be the last nail needed.

10) It's A New Day | 1-6 | -

Hate to see it. The L's can't stop, won't stop.


Rivalry Week! Ryan (5-2) vs Jared (5-2)

We're in for a fireworks show between these two teams. Both teams are the only ones that have scored over 1000pts thus far. This will be a rematch from week 5 where Jared outlasted Ryan in a 185 to 178 shootout.

Commish's Lucky 8-Ball Predictions: I went 3-2 last week, missing on my father and myself. I think we're both due for a win this week.

Commish vs Spencer: Commish Wins

Probst vs Justin: Justin Wins

Jere vs Worzie: Jere Wins

Ryan vs Jared: Ryan Wins

Nathan vs Nick: Nathan Wins


North vs South Rivalry Week - Team that scores the highest points scored in their division AND wins their weekly matchup. Pays $20 to both the North and South team.

This is our new payout we added this year with the addition of a 14th regular season game.

A reminder that the trade deadline is November 20. If you are interested in trading, comment on the Facebook post that you're open to trades or with the players that are on your trading block. Since I have this forum, yeah obviously I am open to trades.

The midseason awards are typically due before the start of the next week's games. The executive committee has asked for an extension as there is internal disagreement among some award winners. As chairman, I have granted this extension until Friday evening at 11:59pm. Our committee takes great pride in ensuring their is unanimity and I appreciate their commitment to our great league.

Good luck in the second half of the season gentlemen, except you Spencer. To the Thunderdome we go.

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